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How the site was 'born' and how best to use it...

Sackville High School Alumni Scholarship Fund - Details

Sackville High School Alumni Site

The Class of 1978 Reunion Organizing Committee was wishing there was a better way to collect and have access to alumni information for their alma mater, and thus this site was born. There is hope that eventually, it will be include some historical information as well as an alumni database to be used and accessed by reunion organizers and alumni wishing to look up old friends alike.

Please rest assured that the information you add here will be used by no one for anything more than contacting alumni with regards to upcoming reunions, and this will be done only by reunion organizers and appointed 'helpers' themselves. Since this would be done anyway, the data collected here only serves to expedite the process of contacting all the alumni in hopes of better reunion attendance.

You can choose to hide your entire record from public access or to just hide your email address or to not hide anything. At no time will phone numbers or addresses be published on this site. Waaay too 'tricky'. If you want to be on the public list, just say yes when asked. If you want your email address accessible to others, so they can contact you if desired, just say yes when asked.

Your actual email address is not explicity displayed and is also encrypted so please do not worry about spammers getting your email address from this site if you wish to be publicly contacted. It will not be possible.

Please help spread the word about the existence of this site. It's intrinsic value is extremely heightened with use.

We are in the process of setting up a way to allow reunion organizers to request access to the organizers' functions. This will be done via email/phone.

All reunions currently being organized will be listed below. If you are in the group the reunion is looking for, click away to stand up and be counted.

There is a menu option that allows you to go view current alumni added to the database. Have a look! And, please, add yourself as well.